I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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Una textura · una raíz

What is it?
Feel the softness touch of the silk in your eyes and knit the most amazing stories with this palette of nine shades. A perfect combination of mattes and shimmers to get any look that you want. From the subtlest to the boldest. Besides, the gorgeous design will transport you directly to your grandma’s sewing box.


Why will you love Macaria Beauty?
Macaria Beauty is a brand 100% engaged with animals and nature.
It features a high quality mirror to get your makeup perfect every single minute wherever you are and our compact packaging it’s pocket-friendly.


  • Abuelita: A beige shade, ideal to highlight the brow bone or the inner corner of your eye.
  • Chambrita: A brown shade with red hues and you can use it as a transition shade.
  • Tejido: Salmon colour perfect for creating smokey eyes in warm tones.
  • Costurero: Shade brown highly pigmented that will allow you to emphasize your waterline or the outer V subtly.
  • Dedal: Mix this shade with Chambrita, the brown colour with pinks hues will make you fall in love!
  • Punto de cruz: The darkest shade of the palette, it will help you to create depth and dramatism to your lashes or your crease.
  • Cobijita: Back to the past with this pink metallic eyeshadow with an amazing payoff. Create pink smokeys with a pop of colour with this shade.
  • Estambre: The temperature is rising with this red metallic shimmer! Create cut creases or bold smokies. Perfect for a party night.
  • Listón: A cute but bold shade orange that it’s flattering to all types of skin, especially if you’re brunette. Perfect for flirty and sexy looks.


Aunt’s Macaria Tips:
Use a primer into your eyelid; then, place Chambrita as transition shade all over the crease and blend it out evenly with circles movements. Add depth with Dedal using MB07 by Macaria Beauty en the outer V and put Chambrita in the inner corner of your eye using MB08 to create a brighter eye. Smoke Dedal with MB11 in the lower lashline. You have created a romantic and feminine look!

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