I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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Un recuerdo · una raíz

What is it?
Honour those beautiful women who are no longer with us with Siempre Viva, the palette of 24 shades perfectly balanced in matte and shimmery finishes which you will be able to create all kinds of stories through your eyes. Let your imagination fly with the browns, pink and golden shades.
Besides, you will fall in love with this unique design.


Why will you love Macaria Beauty?
Macaria Beauty is a brand 100% engaged with animals and nature. We are a brand cruelty free.
It features a high quality mirror to get your makeup perfect every single minute wherever you are.


  • Lucy: A shimmer duo chromatic in green colour with golden sparkles
  • Ana: A beautiful eyeshadow in pink matte that you will love.
  • Verónica: Shimmer in hues lavender.
  • Dolores: Shimmer copper with golden sparkles.
  • Martha: This eyeshadow is pure gold!


Aunt’s Macaria Tips:
After using a primer, place Camelia as transition shade all over the crease and blend it out evenly with circles movements. Then, add depth with Antonia and give a pop of colour with Martha.

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