I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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Terms and conditions

By using the Macaria Services, you accept these conditions.

We recommend you to read in detail the privacy notice sections, terms and conditions, as well as our return policies, we also suggest that every time you use the site I check the updates of its use.

Terms and conditions

By using the Macaria Services, you accept these conditions.

We recommend you to read in detail the privacy notice sections, terms and conditions, as well as our return policies, we also suggest that every time you use the site check the updates of its use.


Terms and Conditions

Purchase Conditions

  • Prices are in dollars (USD).
  • The images, features and specifications are illustrative and may vary or change without notice.
  • Prices published on may vary.
  • All products offered are subject to availability and while supplies last.


Inventories and prices


Changes in inventories and prices without notice


The availability of products, prices, brands, and models may vary according to the offer of the moment arranged by Macaria Beauty.

The price indicated in the sale offer is not negotiable and will be duly respected TO THE CUSTOMER.


Payment methods


We accept the following payment methods:


Any credit or debit card either Visa or Mastercard.

Any American Express credit card.


Online purchases


For orders at you can get a copy of your order online:


Log in to your account.

Click on the order number to see the order you want to print.

Click on the “View order order” button and print it or send an email to [email protected]


Transaction Conditions




  • The estimated delivery time of an item WILL BE A MAXIMUM 7 BUSINESS DAYS from the date of the purchase confirmation. Deliveries will be made by order and not by parts.
  • The place of delivery of the product will be the physical place that was designated as the delivery address. The guide number with which the purchase was sent will be sent by email, in case of not receiving it in the inbox, we recommend checking the spam tray.
  • If the order does not arrive within the set deadline, the contracted courier can be contacted or through its page, the shipping status can be known through the guide number provided. On the page, you must enter the guide number sent by mail and click on the tracking.
  • The items are packaged for care and protection, so there are no special wraps.


Shipping Costs and Times


  • Macaria Beauty guarantees that all shipments will arrive at the address that THE CUSTOMER determines and will be subject to the conditions indicated in the shipping guide itself.
  • The shipping process begins considering the time at which the purchase confirmation is made, depending on this the order can be processed the same day or until the next business day.
  • Business days are Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., the official days marked by law as non-business days will not be considered within the delivery time.


Purchases with coupons and/or special promotions


Purchases made with coupons or with special promotions do not generate additional benefits, even when the remainder is settled with another form of payment.


Shipping company


  • Macaria Beauty works with UPS to ship orders. A confirmation email will be sent to announce that THE PRODUCT IS ALREADY TRANSITED TO YOUR DESTINATION.
  • CUSTOMER personal information is secure. Macaria Beauty will share name and address with UPS for shipping, but payment information is secure and Macaria Beauty will never have access to it.
  • Shipments exclusively to the United States.


Shipping costs:


Shipping costs will be calculated according to the volume and cost of the merchandise. The customer will be notified of the amount to be paid when confirming the purchase


Order Tracking


To check the status of the order, access the account where you can find all the necessary information. In case of not obtaining the data, send an email to [email protected] so that the information is sent to you by this means.


Cancellation and Returns Policy.


Online shopping cancellations


  • The cancellation of the purchase cannot be made due to the possibility that your order has already been processed and for this or any other reason it cannot be canceled.
  • Once your order is in transit it will not be possible to cancel.
  • In these cases, you must proceed with the return policy.


 Return policy


  • The return is possible, as long as the product to be returned has not been part of a package, combo or bundle, since if so, the return must be made for the complete package. Similarly, the clarification periods apply for exchanges and returns, as well as restrictions on non-applicable products.


Query: Return Policies.




  • To make the section effective, THE CLIENT must pay the total cost of the product in a single exhibition.
  • Once the product is available, it can be sent during the following two weeks from the date of launch to the address that THE CLIENT granted.
  • The delivery by the parcel will be made during the 7 days after the date of shipment.


Contact us


For questions, doubts or comments about the status of the order or the availability of an product, contact us at [email protected]

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